Born in 1988, Breon grew up in Dallas before relocating 10 years ago to the Austin area. Throughout the years, Breon has had several different titles: accountant, software developer, but only one true passion: art. After receiving a degree in accounting, she quickly pivoted to a more compelling career as a software developer. It was then, in an attempt to make content for a video game, she found her calling. 

Discovering pencils initially, she dove head first into highly detailed realism pieces with a particular emphasis on portraits. After a while, the limitation of black and white led her to explore other mediums such as digital painting and watercolor. 

Exploration has now become a core theme of her work: trying new mediums and subjects, playing with colors and shapes, learning new tools and methods. It’s this growth and exploration that she hopes to share with the world. Through her art journey she hopes to inspire others to pick up their passion and experiment, learn, grow, play, create.

2018 Austin Art Boards – Honorable Mention